The small size is becoming a very popular problem nowadays. When there have been many people build and enlarge many buildings, the land for building is going to be narrow and narrow more. It is common for people today to live in a small apartment, and they have only a little space for terrace. But […]

An apartment, same as house, consist of two aspects namely the interior and the exterior design. Both of them cannot be separated each other. The interior design will influence the exterior and vice versa. It is known that an apartment can represent its owner therefore it is also important to consider not only the interior […]

Planning to build a terrace in home area is the great idea. It will be very enjoyable when you waste the time in the terrace, having a chat with family, enjoying a cup of tea and the sunset. It is also a functional spot when you want to see the dark sky in the night […]

Here are provided the bathtub designs that are futuristic and modern. The transparent bathtubs come into various types and designs. If you want a different style of transparent bathtub design, combine it with the porcelain like in the picture. It makes the glass is looked not so fragile. Besides, this is also completed with the […]

Bathing can be regarded as one of important activities in a person’s life. Today, the awareness of appreciating take a bath as a significant thing is getting higher and they argue that taking a bath as same important as other activities. Even some people want to present the elegance in their bathing time and they […]

In these modern eras, when all of things become so sophisticate, there are many people that yell the back to nature movement. Stone and wood dominate the impression of nature. If you don’t want it to be so usual, just use them only for the combination. The gorgeous bathtub natural designs can come from the […]

Extraordinary bathtub designs are provided here. If you are a dynamic people that admire something different with your bathtub, these examples are perfect for you. Bathing with relaxed is proven effective to relax all of the stiff muscles. So when you are going home from the work, bathing can be a medicine for your tiredness. […]

Get the extraordinary inspiration from this unusual design. Look at the picture and you can find the unique interior here. The sloping roof maybe regarded as the most difficult challenge to design. It cannot be denied that the sloping form in a space will make the room is looked smaller than usual. However, it can […]

People have their own interest in color. Usually people use their favorite color for coloring their stuffs, it can be dress, bag, even a house. We can find the examples of certain color as the theme for home decoration easily. Unfortunately, the colors are usually the basic colors. For them who admire the mix colors, […]

It is known that not all people cook the meals their selves. Most modern people are too busy to process their meal and they need only a simple kitchen to cook water or simple food. This kind of simple kitchen can be united with other rooms such as imaged in these pictures which show the […]