Elegance come from many aspects and the lighting can be regarded as one of those. Well, lighting maybe often regarded as only a small even a very small part of the decorations. However if it is realized the design of lamps and the technique of lighting have an important role in home designing. Just take […]

If you want to decorate your backyard in unique and different way, you may take the designs of these pergolas. Pergola previously is the extension of a building but in the development it can be used as additional decorations that can support your backyard. Pergola structure in the back yard area will allow you to […]

These are designs for the small backyard. People always love beauty therefore they want to build a beautiful and impressive decoration for their house. However, in fact, not all people have a chance to do many things due to only small area that is available in the home. Backyard can be a beautiful and more […]

Bathroom sometimes become a very boring place, moreover when people are going to be too busy so that they don’t pay attention much to the bathroom. They will just enter, finish the business and exit the bathroom as soon as possible. Because of that, the bathroom will be very frightening for children. It is like […]

So far, we have known many things related to modernity and traditional touch found in home decorations. Modern designs are suitable for modern people who are busy and moveable, however sometimes they need something sweet and warm to ease them in relaxing. That is why Flora offers the ethnic designs for bathroom furniture. It is […]

Even these minimalist decorations of living room are looked so great in the perfect combination. Well, not all people have a chance to enjoy their living room with any luxury and facilities. There is nothing so special you need to decorate a minimalist but comfortable living room. All that you need is just a long […]

Today is the era for breaking the limit. When people think something usual we have to think something different, more and more. So, when people decide to use bright colors and certain pattern as to be commonly applied, you are allowed to think different from that. Well, use the dark colors is not always a […]

It is sometimes rather confusing to determine the best color and design for the apartment because space in apartment is only limited. These cool white apartment living room inspirations are good examples for you who want to redecorate your apartment living room. White is the right choice to build a minimalist apartment that is suitable […]

Something traditional is always being adored because it will make the environment is looked so homey to live. Rattan is one of traditional and useful material used to create a traditional sense in a home. You can do it in your living room. This rattan furniture can be a great choice to complete the traditional […]

It is a wonderful living room design by Gisele Taranto which is presented to accommodate the art collector. It is a large living room with unique sense. The blend of traditional and modern are presented in the right portion without forgetting the strength and the basic rules in structure of the home. The main problem […]