3 Practical Tips to Renovate For Less Today!

By Arsya Oct14,2021

3 Practical Tips to Renovate For Less Today!

Space management in your existing home is the new in thing to do. Especially for homes that are more than ten years old, there are a lot of possibilities of improving your home to making things more functional and useful. And there are ways for it to seem less expensive whether you do it by yourself or hire others to do it for you. Here are some tips that may be of use for you:

– Come up with a plan and a budget. Talk to your wife and see if she wants to come aboard on this project. Normally, there are fewer objections with some endeavour like this since it will benefit the home at the end of the day. You can talk to a contractor and have him give his input or so. With the depressed housing market these days, some contractors are willing to take less money in doing the job. Agree on the basic thing you want to do with your home whether it be to refurbish the kitchen, add a new guest room, or extend the patio. One thing that you can do by yourself is to insulate your garage doors. Having insulated garage doors makes it possible for the garage to be converted into a spare room or a work room of sorts. Especially if you live in a place that has four seasons, having the garage door insulated can be additional space when needed.

– Earn revenue with your old stuff. Over the years, you have accumulated items you now do not need. Have a garage sale and sell these items and you may make a bundle. You can do a real garage sale or put the stuff up for auction. It is easier to work with fewer things, less clutter. You can even sell the old furniture and television sets should you wish to do so. The prices of LCD and flat screen television sets have dropped to more than half of what it used to cost just 5 years ago. That is because of the economies of production scale these flat screens are now being made. Your wife might even sell her old kitchen appliances in favour for ones that are designed for the new kitchen motif you are doing. The new appliances also are more energy saving and environmentally friendly than those done 15 years ago.

– Plan for the renovation and have it done in phases. If you are doing a major renovation, then be meticulous in planning so that there can be less inconvenience for both parties. Contractors want to work speedily on the project and finish on schedule while you want to have your house back and the privacy that comes with it. Pre-planning all these details with your contractor should be done earnestly and as much as possible communications for any changes in time frame and design should be made before hand.

By Arsya

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