A TWIST on Door Prize Drawing Slips For Fairs and Events

Do you have a craft fair, expo or some other type of event on your calendar for this summer? These are great venues to find customers who you might otherwise not meet. And a way to become more successful in direct sales, network marketing and party plan. Participation in these events will cost you some cash – anywhere from $25 for a table to thousands of dollars for a large booth in a huge event. But regardless of which type you attend, the goal at the events is to FIND THIRSTY LEADS!

Yes, you might sell product, so I recommend being prepared to sell. However, most of the sales and profits come AFTER the event. In order to capture the leads and information, have a door prize drawing slip that is DIFFERENT from those of other companies. Here’s why: When people visit your booth they have already or are going to be inundated with information from hundreds of other companies! Some might be ready to make a decision to book, buy, or sell so be prepared with host packets and recruit information.

This is how to become successful in direct sales: Be different than the others when that difference is better for the customers. On the other hand, most are in a hurry and are indecisive. That’s okay with you because you’re not going to ask for a decision. You only want to “take their temperature” with regard to your product.

Here’s what I suggest:

Give them a choice of 5 boxes/lines and ask them to circle just one if they…

Love your product and have been a host

Love your product and use it all the time

By Arsya