Add Color, Curb Appeal and Save Energy Cost by Adding Awnings to Your Home

By Arsya Apr11,2021

Add Color, Curb Appeal and Save Energy Cost by Adding Awnings to Your Home

Awnings For Homes

Window awnings installed on your home will block most of the ultra violet rays of the sun from entering the home. About 70% of those harmful UV rays are blocked with the use of awnings over windows, and even more than that if the windows are on the side of the home that faces west. UV rays are the number one cause of skin cancer. It is important to reduce the amount of UV rays that you and your family are exposed to so that you can reduce the risks you have of getting this deadly disease.

Adding awnings on your home is also a great way to go green. If you want to have a more environmentally friendly home, and want to save tons of money while doing it, you can drastically reduce your energy bills with the addition of awnings over the windows and doorways of your home. Cooling your home will be far less expensive, and your home will look better going green no matter what color it is.

adding a patio awning is also a good way to add some living space to your home as well. Building a sun porch, sun room or covered deck or patio is very expensive. In most cases, the project costs at least $10,000, and if the room is connected to the central heating and air of your house it is likely to cost well over $20,000. An awning is only a small fraction of this amount of money.

Awnings over a deck or patio will help you to enjoy your back yard in all kinds of weather that would normally send you running indoors for cover. An awning over the grilling area will allow you to keep right on barbequing even if an unexpected spring shower happens by. It will also make your patio or other outdoor sitting areas cool and comfortable even on bright summer days.

An awning can create a breakfast nook right outside the kitchen door. It will be pleasant to enjoy coffee, toast and orange juice in the breeze before leaving for work each morning. You will enjoy your back yard much more when you are protected from the blazing sun and a little precipitation. You can even keep reading the paper if it starts to sprinkle.

Awnings are an affordable way to get many benefits out of your home. Used for beauty or used for function, there are many reasons for getting an awning for the doors and windows of your home. The great variety of colors, styles and patterns allows you to create a completely new look for the exterior of your home.

Awnings for homes can be found online. Do it yourself people can put the awnings up in just a few hours. Installing Awnings on your home is a simple weekend project that will last for many years to come.

By Arsya

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