Extraordinary Garages

By Arsya May19,2021

Extraordinary Garages

Make a Statement with your Garage Door

When purchasing a new garage door, there are many different ways to go these days: Standard, Traditional, Charming, Modern, etc; your home and your taste will most likely be the biggest determining factors in this decision. Garage door options range from the standard to the spectacular and even are made of some materials that would surprise you. Of the more extraordinary types available are stainless steel and even copper. You can obtain the brilliant shine of stainless steel and the reflective allure copper on your home. Compared to other options, these variant materials are rather expensive. Maybe hard on the wallet and definitely easy on the eyes; these doors are captivating, unique and well worth the price to many.

A stainless steel door will have a long life. They are well made and high quality, they do not rust and will only corrode after many years. This makes them a good choice for coastal areas, where rust can be a problem. Corrosion is inevitable with time but a clear coat applied every few years will help keep them looking shiny and new. These doors are rather heavy and because of this you will need a powerful garage door opener and durable springs to keep any unnecessary repairs to a minimum. Again, this option can get to be rather pricey but if you want to stand out amongst your neighbors and make a statement of style and luxury, this door will definitely do the trick.

I was very surprised to learn that copper was even an option available to homeowners for their garage door. Copper garage doors are most certainly in a category of their own and unlike anything else available today. Like stainless steel, they are very well-made doors and are also very expensive. There is the advantage of fewer repairs. As long as this door is operated properly, garage door service calls won’t be necessary three or four times a year. With copper, like stainless steel, you will need a capable door opener and high quality parts to keep things running smoothly. They offer a look that is beyond unique, an atypical choice that results in a rich, distinctive look. They are able to take on different appearances with different appeals as well. Smooth, shiny; reflecting the sun like a beacon or embossed with a wood grain texture. Copper can also tarnish and produce shades of brown which will eventually corrode and transform to shades of green. Exposure to weather will cause this oxidation with copper. There are those that prefer the veneer of a weathered copper door, they promote and desire this tarnished look. However, if bright and shiny like a brand new penny is the look you prefer, like stainless steel, they can be clear coated to preserve their original brilliance for years.

These options are extraordinary and rich in appearance, and also rich in cost. But if you desire to be unique and add a very special kind of style to your home, these doors will most definitely bring those results. And you really can’t put a price tag on a statement.

By Arsya

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