Garage Door Maintenance

By Arsya Nov13,2020

Garage Door Maintenance

A garage door is a big investment. Whether you recently installed a new door, are thinking of doing so, or just want to keep the one you have, keeping them in good shape is important. First, from a curb appeal standpoint you want the door to look in tip top condition. There is nothing worse than passing a beautiful looking home, with great landscaping and a well kept exterior, then a dirty, beaten up garage door. That is the first thing your eyes will focus on, and it’s the first thing passer-by’s will focus on.

But besides looks, taking good care of your door will ensure that it works properly for years to come. With just an ounce of preventative maintenance now, you can spare yourself the pain of shelling out your hard earned cash to have a repairman come and fix your door because of oversight. Think of it like replacing the oil in your garage every 3 months or 3,000 miles. There is a reason you do so, and it is to keep the engine in good working condition. Well, your door is a system too and it needs proper maintenance to function properly.

The garage door is the biggest moving part in your home. The opener, strings, cables, and pulleys all work in concert to lift and lower the 300 plus pounds of the door, each and every time you hit that little button on your remote or keypad. To keep things in proper working order, you should have a serviceman come and inspect the door each year. In particular if you live in an area like Cleveland, Garage Door springs tend to break after the first cold snap of the year. A quick inspection every year or other year will ensure that you aren’t left out in the cold.

In addition to checking the moving parts, you should keep an eye on the exterior of your door. Unless you have vinyl, which does not rust and is dent resistant, you probably want to keep an eye out for rust or rot. If you have a steel door, scrape off any rust and spray the area to seal it. If your door is wood, you will need to paint and seal it each spring to protect against rot, mold, and mildew; the deadly enemies of any wood door.

Another helpful spring cleaning tip is to clear off any cobwebs, grime or dirt that has accumulated around the edges of the door over the winter. Also remove debris such as leaves and grass to ensure that none of that organic material gets caught up in the springs and pulleys of the door as this can cause problems in its functionality.

With a little preventative maintenance you can ensure that your door will function properly for years to come, getting the most on your investment.

By Arsya

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