Glass Dog Doors – Facts You Need to Know – Part 2

By Arsya Jan21,2022

Glass Dog Doors – Facts You Need to Know – Part 2

Choosing between a temporary installation and a semi-permanent installation.

A temporary installation panel pet door can be installed in and be taken out again with ease. It has the widest range of fitting choices. It is mostly used when owners does not want their panels to be set up all the time.

Examples of such situation are: if owner only wish to use the panels during summer or only when he is staying home. All pet doors designed for temporary setup can be made into semi-permanent dog doors by just fastening with sheet metal screws or by other materials into the door track.

These semi permanent doors are excellent to be installed between the stationary panel and the opposite wall. This set-up permits the use of an existing outside key lock and avoids resetting constantly an alarm system.

The lock is present on the pet door which mates to a bracket on the sliding glass door. The panel must be fastened in place for this lock to function.

It is important to lock your pet doors securely. Since they are made of glass, the inside of the house can be viewed from outside. It is best to put an alarm system for added security.

Provided below are some approaches for locking sliding glass door when using panel doors:

Semi-permanent one has a lock built into the door and not on the sliding type. This lock will engage a bracket mounted on your sliding glass door above your existing lock.

For both temporary and semi-permanent installation, the use of pin lock, dead bolt lock is highly effective to secure the glass door against the pet gate. Pin locks are used when sliding panel is on the inside track.

If it is on the outside track, it is recommended that you use a threshold mount dead- bolt type of lock.

Another approach you can use with all patio pet door installations is by using a “Charley bar”. This may only be used on an inside track.

Generally, glass type of doors offers many options from various models to locking methods. These are made to provide you options in meeting your requirements and needs. As much as we want to secure our pets, glass dog doors also offers security to your home.

By Arsya

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