How to Pick Best Garage Doors For Yourself

Garage doors can be the biggest source of energy loss to any home since they are the largest opening gate of the home. In order to cut down unnecessary energy loss and lower high energy bills it only makes sense to install an insulated garage entry.

When looking for an insulated garage gate however the consumer needs to keep in mind that not all doors are created equal and some offer more insulation value than others. For the savvy consumer picking an insulated car park gate that offers the best value is easier now than ever before.

By simply looking for the R value needed in their climate zone, a consumer can determine if the gate has a strong enough insulation value to make an impact on the power bills every month or not. Insulation value is rated with R values from 5.0 to 10.25. The R value is a measure of thermal resistance and the higher the R value the higher the insulation of the entrance.

For consumers in the colder Eastern climates a higher R value should be sought. While consumers in the warmer western climates can generally get away with a lower R value on their entrance since the winters tend to be less severe.

How an entrance is insulated is also important. Cheaper insulation from Styrofoam sheeting will be less efficient since air can escape in and out between the cracks of the sheeting and any money saved on the entrance will be spent on a higher energy bill. These types of insulation usually translate to a lower R value. Even in a warmer climate this type of lower R value insulation is not very energy efficient.

So consumers shouldn’t just look at the R value of the gate but at the type of insulation in that entrance to make an intelligent and informed decision. The most efficient form of insulation can be found in polyurethane insulation.

This spray in foam expands as it goes in and fills in all gaps and holes so no air can get in or out creating a higher heating bill in its wake. Even in warmer climates this can be the best choose since insulation can keep hot air as well as cold air out of the car park and in turn the home if the carport is attached.

A side benefit to using an insulated carport door is the fact that not only will the insulation absorb cold and hot air and prevent it from entering the car park, but it will also absorb noise better and make the door operate at a quieter level. A sound proof garage door can be a real bonus for the consumer with their own version of a garage band practicing on weekends. Not only will the energy bill go down but so will the irate looks from the neighbors.

By Arsya