Information on Garage Door Keypads

By Arsya Jul18,2021

Information on Garage Door Keypads

Some people are not yet too familiar with the use of a garage door keypad. This is actually a device designed for automatic opening of the garage door. For the door to open using this device, a code must first be entered for the opener to automatically open the door.

Most manufacturers of garage doors these days have some form security device that they install or include with their standard units and the keypad is one of those devices. Typically, a keypad device comes in 2 types. The first one looks similar to a telephone keypad while the second type contains only 2 numbers placed in horizontal rows.

The garage door keypad is normally placed on the outside of a garage that is detached from the house. Usually, it is not used on for garages that are attached unless it is in a residential setting. The reason for this is that there can be other ways to enter inside the garage.

When the garage is not attached from the residential house, the advisable installation method is using the main door. These devices are actually built with added features like the keypad illuminates with a backlight. This is particularly helpful especially when the lacks sufficient lighting making it difficult for you to see the buttons. The backlights light up only when the keypad is pressed in a certain amount of time, helping conserved battery life.

The typical power supply of a garage door keypad is the battery. It requires a 12 volt battery which is enough to last up to 1 year or more before it can be replaced. The device can also be plugged in a socket thereby making it electricity-powered. The device comes with a cover although that it can only provide basic protection for the device.

These devices are installed in a partially protected area anyway so the likelihood that they will be damaged from extreme weather changes and other elements are not very high. The cover is made from plastic that are can locked and unlocked for better security.

For those who live in much harsher climates, it is good idea to check the internet for product reviews on certain garage door keypad products in order to determine whether they can withstand extreme climate conditions. A number of these devices are built specifically for specific climate conditions. If you try to use a door opener keypad device in a climate which is not designed for, it could get damaged earlier than its expected lifespan.

By Arsya

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