Integrated Fridges Are the Future of Home Refrigeration

Integrated fridges and freezers represent the modern face of home refrigeration. These kitchen equipment, also referred to as cabinet depth refrigerators or built-in refrigerators, are a clear departure from standard refrigerators in more ways than one.

Integrated fridges, unlike conventional ones, are such that their doors can be fitted with panels that match the rest of the kitchen furniture. Their doors can be stained, painted, or fitted with moulding, so as to perfectly blend into the kitchen decor. Perhaps the most significant feature of this type of equipment, however, is that most of them are designed for front ventilation. This is unlike standard refrigerators whose ventilation takes place at the back, therefore requiring them to be placed in locations with adequate air space behind them. Integrated fridges and freezers can therefore be placed just about anywhere.

In choosing an integrated fridge for your kitchen you will have to choose from several different styles, including refrigerator only appliances or combination refrigerator/freezers. The latter models are configured in a variety of ways – some have the freezer compartment on top or on the bottom, and some are styled as side-by-side units replete with refrigerator or freezer doors that slide out. If so desired you can always increase your cooling area capacity by adding under-the-counter fridges or freezers, or even stylish wine coolers. Who said that integrated fridges are only meant for the kitchen? Far from it – these appliances will be equally useful in your home bar, family room or games room.

Being very modern appliances, most of the new integrated fridges are designed to be very energy efficient such that they will really help keep your power bills manageable. Some of these fridges are in this regard fitted with alarms that give a warning in the event that refrigerator doors and drawers have been left ajar. Many fridges also feature upfront easy-to-use electronic controls. Additionally, it is worth noting that most of these appliances are such that they can effectively preserve different types of foods since they feature specified temperature zones for each type. Storing various foods at their optimal storage temperatures makes for their prolonged storage life and consequently more savings on grocery costs.

Before you go out shopping for integrated fridges you are best advised to do some research which can be done relatively easily now online by searching for brand features and for feedback from past buyers. Having found a suitable brand you will want to ensure that its sizes and dimensions will suffice for the space where you want to place it. The measurements and dimensions of these fridges will be an important feature of your kitchen’s design as you’ll also want to fit other appliances into the room and still have enough room for unrestrained movement. This shouldn’t be a cause for worry though because integrated fridges and freezers are available in a plethora of sizes and dimensions, with most having depths of 23.5 inches or 26 inches.

Unless you already have large cabinets in your kitchen that can perfectly fit the fridge that you have just purchased, you are bound to require carpentry tools and skills to do the fitting. It is worth noting that some of these fridges come with cabinets but that some require you to build or buy the same. Your task will be somewhat easier if you already have a kitchen cabinet(s) where your new fridge can fit. These fridges are normally accompanied by a kit that contains a variety of accessories to enable you affix them to your kitchen cabinet securely. Once you have decided on the location of the cabinet, you can proceed to attach your fridge’s body and door and ensure that the connections have been securely placed as well.

By Arsya