Laughter in Tense Silence

A doctor fell sick too

Last month, I fell sick. It was too much for me even to move out of the bed. Somehow I managed to get health care at home though the family members insisted me to visit the nearby hospital. At last when it was too much to bear the agony of the fever due to high temperature, it was enough to drive me to the hospital. I almost dragged myself to the door of the hospital. Even at the hospital door, I felt I would collapse. Finally I gathered courage and managed to enter the doctor’s cabin.

Hardly had I entered into his cabin, when he noticed me, gave a full throat horrible shriek and fainted in his chair. The hospital staff lost no time for help. He was moved to the emergency. When he had recovered, he asked the staff to keep me away from his sight. I was about to utter in groan about the excruciating aching in my head when they just told me to heed what the doctor had wished.

Baffled and confused, I was forced to move to some other hospital. After recovering from fever, I remained tense and uncomfortable for a few days. Later the matter of strange event got cleared. I came to know the doctor who had fainted at seeing me entering into his cabin, had treated a patient only a few days ago who had died during an operation. The dead patient resembled me incredibly in every physical feature.

The doctor had mistaken me for the dead man, fearing that I had risen from the dead. I thanked god, the doctor was saved from heart attack. I hope if I now visit the poor doctor, he wouldn’t faint to see me.

By Arsya