Maintain the Sliding Doors and Windows of the House

By Arsya Feb5,2021

Maintain the Sliding Doors and Windows of the House

Beautifully designed home is a dream for almost everyone, what adds to the beauty, are well fitted and nicely carved sliding doors and windows. Along with the ownership of a beautiful home comes the hassle of maintenance. When a house/building is not organized and maintained properly than even the most aesthetical ones can look unpleasant. Although, maintaining an appealing house can be a tedious job but with little efforts and regular monitoring one can achieve the target.

Modern homes are fitted with fancy doors and windows that are selected from a wide range of choices. One such fitting is the sliding types. The best part of installing a sliding window or door is that they require lesser space compared to the other styles. As free space is a constraint with most of the homes in the so called shrinking world of today, hence these are good alternatives.

They can be made of different materials varying from hard plastic (like UPVC) or kinds of wood such as teak, mahogany, cherry or metals like steel and aluminum. Maintaining a wooden door/window is more expensive than the UPVC ones. Wooden doors/windows deteriorate faster and require routine maintenance such as polishing or painting. On the other hand the UPVC windows and doors do not require any maintenance, a routine cleaning is enough to support their smooth functioning.

When it comes to durability, some of the latest UPVC sliding doors and windows are available in UV resistant blend, which retain its sheen and colour under sustained exposure to sun. So all one needs to do, is just a regular cleaning with a wet cloth or a solution meant for UPVC material. Whereas the wooden counterpart requires constant re-polishing or else it starts to lose sheen.

If you have installed the UPVC sliding doors and windows than you can simply sit back and relax as they are weather resistant and are not affected by the rainy or windy season. On the contrary, the wooden counterparts start rotting and expanding in the monsoon seasons leading to leakage at times. The UPVC doors are easy to maintain, hassle free and they also look elegant. Their colours and textures are suitable for both the interiors and exteriors of a building. They deliver good aesthetic to the house along with better looks and hassle-free maintenance. Also, they have a longer life and last much longer as compared to the wooden doors which are high on maintenance.

So if you have been planning to install doors or windows in a new house or have been planning to replace the existing ones than UPVC sliding windows or doors are the right choices. They have numerous benefits and the most important one is easy maintenance. However if you have decided to change, than you must do a thorough market study and approach a good company or else incompetent inferior quality fitting can spoil the looks of the entire house. Fenesta is one such organization that deals in superior quality UPVC doors and windows.

By Arsya

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