Moving Furniture, The Smart Way

By Arsya Jun25,2021

Moving Furniture, The Smart Way

If you want to safely deliver furniture whether it be your own or someone else’s, there are three concepts that you can use to make your life a lot easier. They are time management, using a door-jam protector, and mapping. I will explain in this article how all three of these concepts are effective in insuring that your furniture gets to where it’s going safely.

The single most important factor when delivering furniture is taking your time. Most of us get lost on that one main point because we would rather rush to get something done. What happens when you rush through something? 9/10 we end up having to do what we just did over again. Rushing to move furniture is dangerous to the individuals moving it which could cause a physical injury if not careful. You are also putting your furniture at risk of being scratched,ripped, or just plain ruined. Taking your time is very important, because being safe and not getting hurt is half the battle. Once you have realized what time management can do for you, you are ready to use the door- jam protector.

When moving furniture one must use a door- jam protector. A door-jam protector along with time management minimizes your chances of ruining or damaging your furniture, and house. When applying the door- jam protector you want to pick a place along the frame of the door that your going to be moving your furniture through. Now you don’t want this to be to high or to low because if you’re in a tight space that door- jam protector is the only thing stopping your furniture from rubbing or tearing up against the frame of the door. This also protects your house from getting scratched up and avoiding repainting areas. Now that you understand the importance of having a door- jam protector when moving furniture it opens you up to the next step. Mapping can be tricky but is an invaluable resource to have when moving furniture.

Mapping consist of planning out a route to take your furniture to its destination. In essence it’s the same as if you were planning a road trip. You plan where you want to go and you try to avoid any difficulties obstructing your trip. The same applies to mapping out the route your going to take with the furniture. When your moving furniture it’s not enough to get it through the front door that is only half the work. You have to clear a path to where the furniture is going to be placed, and try to avoid if possible anything obstructing you. Once you understand mapping out your destination it makes your life a lot easier.

Using time management insures not only your safety, but the safety of your furniture also, it’s not a bad thing to take your time. Putting a door- jam protector on areas of the property that your moving not only protects your furniture but your house as well. When you take your time and map out your best point of entry and where your furniture is going in the home, it takes a lot of hard work out the equation. Having all these principles working together and using them makes for happy moving.

By Arsya

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