Patio Door Lock – Protecting Your Loved Ones From Accidents

Patio Door Lock – Protecting Your Loved Ones From Accidents The first thing that will…

Patio Door Lock – Protecting Your Loved Ones From Accidents

The first thing that will come to your mind upon hearing the term patio door lock is it’s something that will protect your home from outsiders. And these days, you will find a lot of different locks suitable for every door type. Whether you have sliding doors or regular doors, there is a door lock suitable for them.

But aside from protecting your doors from outsides, these door locks are also helpful in protecting your loved ones from getting hurt due to several circumstances. Aside from locking your doors, they also have accessories or attachments that will proof your home from different accidents that your loved ones may incur by going out of your home. The following are the people that your patio door lock may protect.


The problem with kids is that an accident may happen once you turn away your sight from them. They can go out of the room, fall on the pool, or slip on the patio tiles. These locks can be difficult to open for kids since you can place them at a good height far from their reach. Aside from too active kids, the locks will also perfect in protecting wandering kids that may have autism.

People with somnambulism

Somnambulism is the medical term for sleepwalking. This problem can be worrying for people especially parents since they can wander and possibly go out of the house. Thus, exposing them to different types of accidents. A patio door lock will keep both children and adults who have this condition to open the doors and wander outside.

Adults and elders with Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a condition where a person has extreme impaired memory problems or dementia that may progress. Alzheimer’s disease can occur not only to elders but also during adulthood depending on the severity of the case. The problem with this condition is that they may not only forget simple things but even go out and look for their “house.” They can forget that they are already inside their homes so this patio door lock will keep them from wandering and put themselves to more accidents.

Protecting your homes from outsiders is only one side of what a patio door lock can work for you. It will also prevent accidents from happening to your loved ones especially when you are not aware or during at night time. You will not only keep them from being hurt but also yourself from being too worried about their accident.