Printed Marketing – Affordable Promotion For a Drug Store Business

Drugstore businesses carry a variety of necessary consumer items. They commonly have a regular list of customers particularly for those in a local community or neighborhood. Apart from this, drugstores often devise ways to bring in more business by offering different promos, special offers, or discounted prices. They also feature new products and add-on services for more customer convenience.

For drugstores in their beginning stages, marketing the store can prove to be challenging given limited marketing resources and competition from other established drug companies in the area. One effective yet affordable tool that business owners can use is printed marketing materials. The following are examples of printed marketing materials that can help promote a drugstore business.

Bookmarks – Bookmarks are creative and useful marketing tools. They also have the potential to increase recall and referral rates. Bookmarks can be used as promotional materials featuring the company name, logo, tagline, and graphic design. Bookmarks can feature contact information, outline of products and services, as well as its certifications and affiliations. It can also be used to announce special promotional offers such as discounts on selected products and giveaway samples of their new product or service.

Brochures – Brochures are an informative tool for promotion. Through a combination of text descriptions and photo images, brochures bring more data for customers on a drugstore’s products. They can also feature an outline of the store’s services, their descriptions, and tips on keeping healthy. They can also feature tips on first-aid and beauty care. Customized, bulk orders of brochures can be printed through online printing companies at reasonable rates.

Door Hangers – These materials are a unique promotional tool for drugstore businesses. Door hanger design can feature a new store opening, new product, or services offered. They can be used as promotional in-house materials or they can be hung in hospitals, school clinics, and doctor’s offices. Custom door hangers can be printed through the services of convenient, online printing services.

By Arsya