Printing Door Hanger Ads – Research First, Act Second

By Arsya Feb11,2022

Printing Door Hanger Ads – Research First, Act Second

Printing door hangers is a process that takes a keen set of steps in order to produce the right results for your business. When printing door hangers, you should always do your demographic research beforehand. Simply adorning your community’s door knobs in random fashion might elicit some business, but it could cause problems with others. Take the time to explore the following facts before you order yours from a trusted online printer today.


The locale is key to distributing your newfound printing. For example, people without pets might not appreciate your effort to get them to enroll in doggy daycare or a dog-walking business. Scope out their yards before you attempt to advertise using these means. If there’s evidence of a dog or you can clearly hear one barking from inside the house, it might be a better fit than somebody in an apartment. Make sure to have a game plan for distributing and printing door hangers.


Of course, you want to be targeting the proper people with the right message (which similarly goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned example.) Salon services don’t exactly fit in at fraternity houses, nor do baseball cleat dealers at a curling club. You want the public to react to your products and services favorably so try advertising something universally simple and worthwhile (such as free or discounted food.) The right audience will appreciate your tangible offers better than if they received a postcard or something else related to standard mail.

Socio-Economic Factors

Because of the natural disparity in today’s economy, some neighborhoods in the city will simply be better for advertising from a marketing standpoint. Industrial areas and abandoned or rundown domiciles are mostly ineffective places (unless you’re reaching out to other big businesses.) Make sure your layout speaks to the type of people living in that area (i.e. elegance and shiny coatings for affluence, big deals and huge savings for middle class families, etc.)

Weathered Areas

Printing door hangers is very simple when using the internet. Door hangers for marketing means potentially marketing your business in adverse weather conditions. It’s always wise to go over the options with your online printers about the best way to protect your pieces. Often you’ll have access to lamination services or a simple high-gloss UV coating to protect your piece from rain, sleet, hail and smudges or other debris. There are lots of doors on the exterior of a dwelling so always be prepared for whatever might befoul your efforts. Then sit back and watch them go to work for you!

By Arsya

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