Replacing a Fridge Door Seal and Getting it Right

A fridge door seal is a very important component when it comes to the fridge. It keeps the cold air inside the fridge from escaping out when the door is closed. Without this tight-fit seal, air from inside your appliance would come out and the refrigerator will need to work double-time to keep the stable atmosphere inside from changing. This would mean that your electricity bills will start rising.

That is the reason why a fridge door seal needs to be maintained by cleaning it periodically and replacing it when they are worn out or develop a tear.

You can get a replacement freezer door seal as well as one for your fridge door in the market as per the refrigerator brand and model that you’re using.

Process Of Fridge Seal Replacement

* You will need to remove the older seal by pulling it away from the door. You can even take a photograph of the old one so that you have a fair idea of where and how to place the new one.

* Make sure that the new one is clear without any ridges or tears.

* Gently start from one end of the door and fit the new seal with the help of screws provided on the door. When you have finished the first round, do it again to make sure that the seal is tightly fixed and no spaces are left.

You will need to monitor your electricity bill to know if the job was done correctly. If there are any flaws in the replacement then your electricity bill will not reflect any change.

You can also contact a fridge or freezer seal replacement company to get the job done properly the first time itself. Professionals from the company will make sure that you do not need to keep monitoring your bills or continue to keep a sharp eye out for a loose fridge door seal.

They will do a thorough job and have the fridge back in perfect working condition in no time.

By Arsya