Some Steps to Paint Garage Door

By Arsya May5,2021

Some Steps to Paint Garage Door

Garage door is an important part in a garage that you have to pay attention. This influences the look of your garage. Garage door will make your garage more outstanding and it will protect your garage from any danger that might occur such as burglars.

To make it more attractive to look, you can make some changes to your garage door. One of things that you can do is painting it. The following article will describe the detail things that you have to do when you want to paint your garage door. By doing the following things, you will be successful in painting this important part of a garage.

Firstly, you have to wash the door that you are going to paint. You can use a garden hose. By cleaning the garage door, you will be able to clean the dirt and the paint on the door. You can also use a pressure washer but it will make the water get into the wood deeply. After that, you have to scrub the door with a house cleaner. In this case, you can get the cleaner easily in the market. This is done in order to clean and soften the surface of the door before you start painting.

Secondly, you have to scrape the door. This is done in order to make the new paint that you will apply on the door stick perfectly. If the surface of the door is unstable, you will find that the paint will come off. This means that you have to paint your door over and over again.

Thirdly, you have to let the door dry. You have to make sure that the door is dried perfectly by the sun. You have to be sure that there is no moisture after the paint in applied. This is because when there is moisture under the paint, it will lift off because the paint will evaporate. The process to make the door is perfectly dried can be 48 hours or more.

After all are finished, you can start painting. You have to prime the door with great option of exterior primer in order to get the best result in the end. Make sure that the primer that you use is suitable for the material of the door that you have. Then, you have to allow it to dry. You will need at least 24 hours.

The next thing that you have to do is apply a coat of paint. You have to make sure that the paint is completely dried before you apply the second layer of the paint. You will find that the second layer of paint will give you more protection from the surrounding conditions such as the heat from the sun, the cold of the winter. Additionally, this will protect the door from the rain.

Finally, you have done great job of painting your garage door. You will see the different before and after the painting process. With the new paint that you apply, you will find that the door that you have in your garage will look great.

By Arsya

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