Techniques on How to Adjust a Garage Door’s Safety Sensors

By Arsya Jan28,2022

Techniques on How to Adjust a Garage Door’s Safety Sensors

In the year 1990, a Federal Law was passed by the government requiring all types of garage door openers to have two safety devices in order to prevent any possible accidents to happen.

Thus, in compliance to this Law, some garage port doorway companies have tried installing a device called “Safety Sensors” in almost all of the electric automated garage doorways. Safety sensors are made of infrared beam of light that is programmed to detect any possible obstructions along the doorway.

The photo eyes will work by looking at each other so that the door will continue to close.

The door can only be prevented from closing if the sensor detects that there is an interruption in the photo eyes to meet each other. In order that accidents will be avoided it is very important for safety sensors to function properly.

So if the garage door’s safety sensors will not be functioning well then this will bring about a big problem especially in the security of our cars and other valuable materials in our garage.

There are several techniques on how to adjust the sensors of our garage door. Just follow these simple techniques below and you will surely have a safety use of your automated garage entry door.

First of all a measuring string should be set up. On one end tie the cord just above the sensor on the right side. Then, move the cord across the whole width of the door and tie it again on the other side of the sensor.

Try pulling it tightly so as not to loosen it. The second step is to put the level next to the twine and see to it that the twine is done accurately. But if the twine is not leveled correctly try to untie it and make the necessary adjustments needed.

After adjusting the level you need to unscrew the clamp of the sensors so you can move it upwards or downwards till it finally reaches the twine. With the use of a screw driver you need to tighten the clamp and your sensors are now done.

Now start removing the twine. In as much as you will be changing things, try to make sure that you have someone to help you hold the door. This will facilitate an easy way of doing things out.

If you are not sure on what to do, it is best to just call professionals in garage door to do the job for you.

By Arsya

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