The Best Choice for Attic Door Insulation

By Arsya Apr17,2021

The Best Choice for Attic Door Insulation

If you have chosen to install radiant barrier foil insulation into your home, you have obviously done your homework. The benefit to installing a thermal barrier is remarkable. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency dramatically by lining your attic walls, floors and ceiling with foil insulation. However, if you do not do something with the attic access door, you are not going to achieve maximum efficiency. The attic door is the weakest spot in the home where hot air can enter or exit without anything in its way. There is a simple solution called a Draft Cap that is the most effective option among attic door insulation.

Sure, you can cover the inside of the door with the radiant barrier insulation you installed in the attic, but that will not help you with the gaps between the door and the floor or ceiling (depending how you are looking at it). There does not have to be that constant quest to cover every inch possible with insulating material. Not to mention putting in all that work still knowing that the gaps are not going to be covered.

The cap design is affordable, and like the radiant barrier foil will pay for itself in very little time. There is no doubt you will see even more savings on your utility bills when you install the all-in-one solution for your attic door. There are not many attic door insulation options can beat the effectiveness of the Draft Cap.

What is even better is the ease of installation. Again, you won’t have to deal with messy fiberglass or foams, because the cap comes assembled and ready to go. By sliding it in place when you exit your attic, you create a thermal barrier that cannot be breached. The attic door insulation guessing game has a pretty clear answer. By capping off the opening, it ceases hot air from entering or escaping, depending on the season. The way it works is as simple as the product design and installation method.

By Arsya

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