The Importance of Walk in Cooler Doors for Refrigeration Units

By Arsya Mar8,2021

The Importance of Walk in Cooler Doors for Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration is, debatably, the most important advancement in the history of human food after the invention of fire. The reason for such a bold statement is simple; it is the fact that refrigeration allowed mankind to store their food in a more efficient manner for a longer period. Nowadays, a refrigeration unit is almost a fixture in any location that deals with food.

However, the problem with walk in coolers or refrigerators is that they require the doors to remain closed in order to be efficient. Still, a walk in cooler cannot be kept closed all the time because that would make it redundant. Walk in cooler doors that use air are technology’s answer to the problem of constant opening and closing of these refrigeration units. The following are some things that the use of air refrigerator doors can prevent.

1. Energy efficiency:

As per different types of research done in different corners of the world by reliable and trustworthy organizations, the constant opening and closing of cooling unit doors can result in the owner of the establishment consuming more energy. The reason for this is that the constant opening and closing of walk in cooler doors leads to the temperature inside the cooler rising. An air curtain can resolve this problem by ensuring that the temperature does not increase inside the cooler.

2. Financial ramifications:

Use of more energy means that the owner of the establishment would be paying a lot more than he should ideally have to. Although the use of air curtains at the walk in cooler doors entry point can be expensive, as per independent estimates, it pays for itself in a matter of two years. The period of two years is the average typical time that an air curtain would take to pay for itself.

3. Cleanliness effect:

The majority of walk in coolers in the world are used for storing food which makes them especially susceptible to attack from vermin and insects. Air curtains are particularly effective in preventing a minimum of 80 percent infiltration while the cooler doors are open. This can result in a lot of money being saved because the food is not infected or ruined by external agents.

4. Maintenance reduction:

In addition to the above listed advantages of using air curtains with walk in cooler doors, the investment in maintenance is also reduced for the owner of the establishment. Firstly, air curtains would allow the walk in cooler doors to be opened for any extended period of time which means that damage from wear and tear would be reduced. The other aspect is that since the air curtain will prevent loss of temperature, the HVAC system of the establishment will not be put under a lot of pressure.

Air curtains are ideal companions for walk in cooler doors because of the way they complement the refrigeration system. Using air curtains would allow the owner of any establishment to save money in a variety of ways while also helping the environment.

By Arsya

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