Underlying Techniques Toward Garage Door Painting

By Arsya Sep8,2021

Underlying Techniques Toward Garage Door Painting

A garage door is just similar to other external parts of your home that is open to certain factors like the sun’s rays, the rain, wind and dust. These elements can cause the paint of your garage door to have a chipping, shedding as well as vanishing effect. So, in order for your garage entry door to have a pleasing and elegant look, it would be best to undergo some repainting, this can add more to the curb appeal of your house.

Ways for Successful Painting Results

The ideal time to start your painting is during the early morning. Make sure that the weather temperature must be around six and seventy degrees with low moisture as this may have a great impact on your painting job.

Generally, before you begin painting, it is important to clean first the surface of your garage door so that all dust and dirt will be eliminated.

Then, remove the old painting of your door by using a wire brush and paint scraper to remove the rust. You can also apply a chemical paint stripper on your door and use a sanding sponge or electric sander to totally eliminate the old paint.

Once the cleaning is done, start putting a painter’s tape to cover the areas of your garage doorway that you wouldn’t want to be painted. Protect also your floorings from any paint drippings by laying down a drop cloth on the floor.

You can now apply an exterior paint primer on your garage port door but this must be done within twenty four hours just before you start with your painting job. You can simply apply a latex exterior primer on the flat surfaces of your door using a paint roller and a paint brush.

Should you prefer using a paint sprayer, cover first the trim and other surrounding areas of your door that you don’t want to be painted by a piece of cardboard. It takes at least twenty four hours to dry up the primer before you will finally apply the paint.

Kinds of Paint for your Garage Door

1. Acrylic exterior paint – this type of paint is very supple and this cannot easily break off even with the movements of your garage door.

2. Oil based exterior alkyd paint – this is best recommended if you prefer a paint that is of top quality and dries hard smoothly.

3. Latex exterior paint – this type of paint can be easily washed with soap and warm water but this may develop some kind of showiness on your door especially during a warm season.

4. For purposes of maintenance, a semi gloss-sheen is highly recommended. You need to apply paint on both surfaces of your garage door. If you want to apply for the second coating, you need twenty four hours to wait for the first coating to dry first.

And finally, clean all the mess and wash all the materials used such as the brushes and rollers; remove all the drop cloth from the floor. Remove from trim at an angle or 45 degree angle to get rid of the paint from peeling.

By Arsya

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