Unique Handscraped Distressed Bamboo Flooring

The floors you walk on at home are important for many reasons. First and foremost if you have a concrete sub-floor you have to have something to cover that because concrete is so bad for your feet. One other reason is to create just the right look you want for your home’s decor. Handscraped distressed bamboo flooring offers many unique and beautiful choices for creating whatever look you want to achieve. Some helpful information is to understand how this is done and what brand names offer this gorgeous flooring option.

Depending on the type of this kind of flooring it can be horizontal, vertical or strand patterned and constructed. Strand construction is the most durable since it goes through the process of heating the stalks and then using special pressurization it is layered and woven. The process of handscraping and distressing involves an 11 step process where the finish is polished and refined to the point of being as indestructible as possible and grooves develop that make this bamboo flooring look more unique than any other type on the market.

The brands of bamboo flooring responsible for creating this effect include but are not limited to the following:

Orientique – At about $3.10 per square foot they have three different distressed looks: Medium carbonized in light brown, antique dark called satin red and smoke dark called Jacobean. This company offers a 25 year finish warranty.

Tecsun – Their planks are glue-down style and they come in natural, merlot and carbonized options. The process used in construction gives these planks a natural-looking grain texture.

Cali – This company has a distressed java wide plank in the strand construction type. The planks have micro-beveled edges and the tongue and groove installation design. This product is priced at under $5.00 per square foot with a residential 25 year finish warranty and a commercial 15 year finish warranty.

Since various companies use variations of the construction process each one has its own unique appearance, much like humans do. Handscraped and distressed bamboo flooring is responsible for some of the most beautiful floors in homes all over the globe.

By Arsya