Walk in Shower Enclosure Ideas

You come home from a hectic day and all you can think of is taking a long, hot shower in your personal oasis. We all need to relax, regroup, and reenergize from our daily demanding work or home lives. Ever imagine redesigning your shower with enclosure ideas that look like a nature-inspired haven? Or maybe a Zen spa? Today, bathroom walk in showers is the new trend and why not, the new designs are beautiful, clean-lined, easy to maintain, promote privacy, and allow natural light to flood your space.

Let’s focus on small ideas…

Ideas on Nature

Imagine designing a walk in shower where the floor is covered in exotic, flat pebbles. The smooth and luxurious feel of natural rock on your feet offers sensual massage, while the coolness and serenity make the experience a therapeutic one. This option is inexpensive compared to other tiling options and esthetically stunning. Use this on the walls also, it would complete the look. The rain showerhead would be the best choice for this design; it covers a wider area than a regular shower and offers a natural rainfall experience. Use natural colors to keep with the soft, tranquil feel of nature.

Ideas on Zen Spa

Imagine designing a walk in shower with a clear-glass enclosure, the best choice would be glass block half walls. You could easily transform your space using glass block kits; they ensure a dramatic change as well as being a cost efficient option. They flood the bathroom with natural light and provide privacy in a much needed area. The shower would be covered in multiple body sprays, offering a massaging or pulsing burst of water – a Zen experience. It could have steam spa possibilities or even aromatherapy. Whites and soft greens would inspire the Zen feel, simplistic and peaceful.

These are some small design ideas for your walk in shower projects. Make the decision to transform your space into a smart home investment.

By Arsya