10 Power Selling Tips for Making Door-To-Door Sales

10 Power Selling Tips for Making Door-To-Door Sales Door-to-Door sales is a profession that dates…

10 Power Selling Tips for Making Door-To-Door Sales

Door-to-Door sales is a profession that dates back as early as the late 1800’s when companies like Avon built empires through the use of direct sales to consumers. Today, door-to-door sales remain one of the most powerful sales channels for a whole host of industries.

I’ve spent years in the door-to-door sales business and have made thousands of sales to customers at the door. Below are 10 tips I’ve garnered from my years of experience that will help anyone selling door-to-door regardless of their experience. These tips are in no particular order of importance, but if I were you, I would start with numbers eight, nine and ten. Then start over from number one, just so you can get eight, nine and more time!!

1. Present a smooth and natural body language. You must come across as having a purpose for knocking on the customer’s door. The customer has to know upfront that you are comfortable with why you are standing at their door. Use body language to reinforce the responses you are looking for. Pointing, waving of the hand, breaking eye contact at the right moments are all keys to smooth and natural body language.

2. Stand with a slight angle to the door. This gives the customer a feeling of comfort and non-aggressiveness. “You don’t want to be right in the customer’s face.”

3. Act official and look busy. Remember, your time is valuable as well. You are at this customer’s home to provide good customer service. The impression that your time is as valuable as the customer’s gives the customer comfort that you are there in an official capacity, and they need to listen attentively to what you have to say.

4. Speak with a flat, relaxed voice and SMILE!! The smile will set the tone, and people naturally respond favorably to a smile. Ensure that tone of your voice is not too excitable or aggressive, but rather matter of fact. Work to give the customer a feeling of comfort so they will listen to your message.

5. Know your pitch, own your customer has to immediately believe you know what you are talking about. You have 30 seconds to break down a barrier, build a rapport and ask for a desired response. You have to be trusted immediately.

6. Overcome objections and use proper rebuttals. When faced with an objection, agree by relating sincerely to break down resistance. Turn the objection around using a logical response or counter argument (you may want to practice these and think through your answers to common rejections in advance). Recap the program, product or company you are pitching. Then close with the assumption that you’ve overcome the objection, and you are ready to complete the transaction.

7. Name dropping. Use neighbor’s names to give customer comfort that they are not alone and “everyone is doing it.” Do as the Jones’ do!!

8. Listen!

9. Listen!

10. Listen! There’s one simple rule that the best sales people follow. Listen to what the customer is telling you. Let me be more blunt. SHUT UP AND LISTEN!! The customer is directing you to exactly what you should say or do next. If you shut up and listen to what they are telling you, you will know exactly what to do next. Many salespeople blur right over customer buying signs because “they’ve got something important to say.” So they miss the most important signs. The buying signs. Shut up, listen and always be closing!!

Happy selling!!