How to Determine If the Closet Doors Are Well Made?

A closet is a small and enclosed space in a room that can be used for general storage or for hanging clothes. A well built closet can actually last for a long, long time. There are antique closets made from as far back as 500 years ago which may be displayed in a museum but are still just as functional as the most modern pieces. What is curious is how these antiques can last so long with their closet doors in good working order, when the most modern pieces only last for a year or two at the most.

Modern closets and room access don’t have the same type of craftsmanship as those which were handmade. Today, even if the closets are attractive and expensive, the first things that give out are the closet doors. There are even some that within a few weeks of purchase, the doors either hang loose or they just fall out.

When looking for the best closets always test the doorways, be they bifold closet doors, caf?� style, mahogany, laminated or plastic. Watch out for these things when inspecting:

A� Uneven or misaligned doors

A� Loosely screwed in doorway attachments

A� Flimsy doorway attachments

A� Plastic based attachments

A� Door attachments that are not meant for the room access materials

A� Scuff marks left by the bottom edge of the doors on the flooring of the closet

The next thing to be done is to actually test out the doors:

A� Open and close the doors several times and observe if they misalign or open when they are supposed to stay closed.

A� If there are locks, close the doors and lock, sometimes there are poorly constructed doors where the room access has to be lifted with the foot to align it for a successful locking.

A� Try slamming the doors several times, although not enough to destroy it in the store, and see how they act on their hinges and attachments. After three or four slamming, if the hinges and attachments are loose, it will show.

The last thing to look for is how the doorways actually look on the closet. Take a step back and look at the doors; watch out for the even margins or edges. If one door looks too flushed into the closet as compared to the other, then there is a misalignment somewhere.

By Arsya