4 Best Bathroom Door Material Choices, Which Would You Choose?

By Arsya Nov24,2021

Do you want to install a bathroom door or want to replace a damaged bathroom door? There are a number of bathroom door materials that can be your choice depending on your needs.

This series of bathroom door types has its own advantages and disadvantages. The bathroom door has the potential to be damaged due to being exposed to water at any time, moreover, Indonesians usually like wet bathrooms.

Unless you have a dry bathroom, there is a section for the shower that can be covered by a shower curtain. Water splashes will hit the walls and bathroom door, especially if the bathroom is small, the water will hit the door.

For this reason, homeowners must be smart in choosing waterproof bathroom door materials to be installed.

If you choose the wrong one, the door will be damaged faster and you will have to replace it regularly. This is certainly detrimental to homeowners in terms of cost and time because they have to do renovations too often. You’ll have to buy a new door every few months so this can be quite a drain.

Not to mention that you have to lose time because you have to repair the bathroom door every time. So that this does not happen, consider choosing the following good and durable bathroom door materials.

4 Choices of Good and Durable Bathroom Door Materials

Currently, bathroom door materials that are often used are wood, aluminum, PVC, and uPVC.

The ones that are usually used for bathroom doors are aluminum, PVC, and uPVC because they are more widely marketed. This bathroom door material already has its own size so that homeowners only need to adjust it.

Homeowners only need to go to a building materials supermarket to buy a bathroom door.

1. Wooden Bathroom Door

Wooden bathroom doors are indeed more susceptible to water but are an option because the texture of wood is good.  When exposed to frequent splashes of water, wood material can become damp, then rot, and then crumble.

The first part that is damaged is usually at the bottom due to exposure to large amounts of water. If you choose wood material, it is better if this wooden door is located in a part far from splashing water. Another option is for homeowners to have dry bathrooms that have bathtubs and showers with curtains.

2. Aluminum Bathroom Door

This aluminum material is known to have several advantages, namely water and rust resistance. Because of that, aluminum is often used as one of the choices for bathroom doors. It’s just that, aluminum also has drawbacks such as prone to scratches and can be dented.

Another drawback is the sound of the door which is unpleasant to hear because it can creak after being opened and closed.

3. Bathroom Doors from PVC Material

PVC is one of the most widely produced synthetic plastic products worldwide. This PVC door material is known to be waterproof and also anti-rust so that it becomes an alternative to bathroom doors.

Bathroom door maintenance from this material is very easy because it only needs to be wiped with a clean cloth. In addition, the PVC surface can be coated with other materials or materials such as motifs, colors, and textures.

Don’t be surprised if room doors are made of PVC material with motifs and various colors are often found. Currently, the use of PVC bathroom doors has been widely used because it is widely sold in building supermarkets.

4.  Good and Durable Bathroom Door  uPVC Material

This material is indeed similar to PVC because it is indeed a development material. However, uPVC has a number of advantages such as water resistance, rust resistance, weather resistance, not easy to expand and shrink, and many more.

However, uPVC is stronger and tougher, so it is less flexible because it is designed that way. This uPVC bathroom door requires no special maintenance and is so easy to clean.

Hopefully the review from Rumah123 regarding  a good and durable bathroom door is useful!

By Arsya

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