How To Protect Your Bedroom Furniture From Your Pets

How To Protect Your Bedroom Furniture From Your Pets We allow our pets in the…

How To Protect Your Bedroom Furniture From Your Pets

We allow our pets in the bedroom for the simple reason that we love them so much. However, we cannot just let them get their own way all the time. Sometimes we have to set boundaries for our beloved pets, too.

Our furniture becomes a most dangerous spot when we let our pets in our bedroom. Let us admit it — pets are still animals. Humans are hard to control, but pets proved to be harder to control. Still, you can do some things to solve this problem especially if your pet is still young. Early training will do a great deal to improve and polish the behavior of your pet. Dogs can be taught to follow their masters. Cats are harder to tame, though.

People might just opt not to let their pets inside the bedroom for a quick solution. However, this may lead to missing your pet. Now if you just cannot forego your bonding time with your pet inside your room, here are some helpful tips to safeguard your furniture:

Train your pet. This is the most effective way to teach your pet the dos and don’ts in your bedroom. You had better start while it is still young. Your pet will be harder to train once it gets old.

Be in command over your pet. No matter how much you adore your pet you have to be strict with it, too. If you keep on tolerating its naughty behavior, it will not learn. Establish punishments and rewards for every bad and good deed to make sure your pet does follow your commands.

Avoid playing with your pet in the bedroom. You can cuddle your pet and all but avoid letting it play and run around in the room. If it bumps onto things, they can topple over and break the furniture. Aside from your furniture falling apart, your pet will also get hurt.

Let your pet have toys. These toys will distract your pet from the soft cushions of your sofa and the pillows of your bed. Rubber balls are effective and durable for pet use.

Give your pet its own area in the bedroom. You can give your pet a small house of its own and tell your pet to stay there instead of jumping on your furniture. You can also make use of a rug exclusively for its own use.

Never let your bedroom be accessible to your pet if you are not at home. The famous quote — “When the cat is out, the mouse will play” applies to your pet. You can never be too careful so make sure you lock your bedroom door securely so that your pet cannot enter the room when you are not around. Close the windows as well, in case it gets the idea of passing through there.

Provide cat trees for your kittens. Cats love to climb on things. Surely, you have experienced having your furniture clawed by your cat and it frustrated you considerably. Cat trees will serve this purpose and divert its attention away from your furniture. Cats will always love to climb and claw even when they get older.

Treat your pets with love and care but your furniture deserves the same kind of treatment, too. Know when to be stern and when to be compassionate to your pet. Setting the proper rules and grounds will ensure the safety of your bedroom furniture and the harmonious relationship between you and your pet.