Stainless Steel Refrigerators – Secrets Revealed

When people envision a kitchen of the future, they often see stainless steel refrigerators and, well, pretty much an entire kitchen full of stainless steel appliances. It’s no wonder when we see a movie that’s based in 3,000 A.D. we’re oooed and awwwed by all that beautiful silver. Everything about it says wow. What’s interesting to note is that you can go out and research two, identical in every way except that one is made with stainless steel, and the other some other pretty material and the one that is stainless steel will be more expensive, even if it doesn’t have as many features!

If history repeats itself, and it always seems to, this is not because the stainless steel refrigerators are any better in quality, efficiency, or even containing more space- it’s because it’s so gorgeous to look at! People have been mesmerized by this material since it came out and was applied to more than pans and S.O.S pads. It’s a matter of vanity, after all who doesn’t want to mesmerize their guests by their beautiful kitchen? To be fair, however, this material is pretty durable; easy to clean, and well it won’t allow stains to set on it!

There are different types of stainless steel refrigerators on the market today. Some are glossy, meaning they are basically a downgraded mirror, but this type often like the HP Touchsmart computer screen, are amazing to look at but attract finger prints like magnets! Most people opt for the semi-glossy variety because they are still reflective, beautiful, but although they do attract fingerprints, they are less obvious than the other type. If you think about it, it really is worth paying “a little” more for one of these units of comparable quality and efficiency simply because of the stainless steel features. This is only showcased on the exterior of the unit (and possibly parts of the interior only for looks) but it basically boils down to the fact that this is a permanent fixture in your kitchen, and like a new car, people just love to show it off when it’s pretty. What a great ice breaker right? Would you pay more for a car of equal performance if it had an extra coat of clear coat paint, sexy rims, and a wing on the back? Of course you would.

By Arsya