Make Your Kitchen Look Fresh and New With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

By Arsya Nov16,2021

Make Your Kitchen Look Fresh and New With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Kitchen cabinets see a lot of hard use. You may not have ever thought about it, but if you were to count the number of times you open and shut a cabinet door in the process of making a meal, you might be amazed. And this doesn’t count the thousands of times your children open cupboards in order to grab a snack, and they often don’t close them as gently as you’d like, either. All of this traffic takes a toll on the exterior of the cabinet surfaces by causing scratches and wear. In addition, cabinets can become outdated making your kitchen look retro rather than modern as you’d prefer. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process that can give you cabinets that look new at a fraction of the cost of replacing the cupboards themselves.

When you have cabinets refaced, the contractor will cover your existing boxes, doors, and drawer fronts with a wood or laminate veneer that will cover up all of the flaws and aging. Another option is to totally replace the doors and drawers while refurbishing the boxes themselves. By retaining base cabinets, you won’t have to pay to replace your countertops unless you want to, because everything will pretty much stay intact. In fact, while the refacing process is going on, you will still be able to use your kitchen pretty much as you always do. This will save you on the cost of meals out while construction is going on.

If you choose to purchase new cabinet doors, you’ll be able to find either pre-finished or unfinished models to match the wood grain in your cupboard boxes. After all, it’s possible that the boxes themselves aren’t in need of refinishing, because they don’t take the brunt of use like the doors do. If you purchase new prefinished doors, drawer fronts, and hardware, you should be able to remove the old ones and put on the new ones without paying for professional assistance. Companies that sell cabinet doors can also give you the information you need to do the job right.

When you look at your transformed kitchen, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do kitchen cabinet refacing. After all, the price is right, and you can get a beautiful new look for less than half of what you’d pay for new cabinets.

By Arsya

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