Garage Door – Styles and Options

If you have decided to install a new overhead garage door, you have made an incredibly smart choice for many reasons. Being eligible for a tax credit and enjoying a savings on your utility bills aside, a new garage door is just plain pretty! Don’t underestimate the impact it will have on the exterior of your home. This article details the many styles and models available and how you can use them to achieve the look you desire.

Raised Panels

Models featuring raised panels are definitely the most popular type used today. Most overhead models currently in use are of the raised panel variety. They create a classic look and can be painted in different ways to enhance the panels or to allow them to display their own dimension. Most raised panel models feature symmetrical and equal sized panels while others are designed with a row or two of a different size with the intention of creating additional interest.

Contemporary Styles

Contemporary overhead models are similar to raised panel models in that they feature symmetrically designed rectangular patterns. Clean straight lines are the hallmark of any contemporary styled item and this accurately describes overhead models as well. This design type is featured on similarly styled homes, but can be found on more Asian inspired exteriors as well. Many commercial buildings will also feature contemporary styled models.

Carriage House Patterns

Overhead models featuring the carriage house pattern, while higher priced create arguably the most significant impact on the curb appeal and exterior styling of a home. Fashioned to resemble the look of an old timed carriage house, or sometimes barn doors, carriage house models often become the focal point of any home that they are installed on.

Other Options

Windows offer an additional styling option in overhead systems. Their placement and shapes available allow you to customize your own model and ensure many different styles from which to choose.

Other accessories like hinges and faux handles add interest to an overhead model, and transform them into more of a design asset than just a functional unit of necessity.

Most models are available in many colors and all are paintable, so customizing yours is an hour-long project away. Wooden models can be stained the color of your choice as well and offer a more organic and warm appeal.

Now that you’ve gotten some tips on creating the look you desire with a new overhead system, you can now get started planning your own upgrade.

By Arsya