Finding a High-Quality Glass Contractor for Shower Door Replacement?

By Arsya Jul29,2021

Finding a High-Quality Glass Contractor for Shower Door Replacement?

The first thing to consider is years of experience. There’s a big difference between now open and 15 years of satisfied customers when it comes to a glass company. Consistency and some history are important.

Then ask about the crews’ experience. Are they licensed? Is there a good ratio of highly experienced crew members to apprentice crew members? Experience means your crew has seen everything and knows how to deal with the unexpected. That’s crucial since every single project involves a residential window glass project. Wouldn’t you rather have your shower door glass replacement completed by someone who knows what to do if they come across unusual construction of some sort? Thought so!

If you haven’t already, ask your friends and family if they’ve had any residential glass replacement work done lately, and how the project went. This is often how good companies get work-by word of mouth from happy, satisfied customers. On the other hand, if your friends and family have had bad experiences with a particular company, you’ll want to know that, too. Better to know ahead of time than fix a problem because you were careless in your search.

Once you’ve got some experienced companies from which to choose, it’s time to get estimates. Residential glass replacement is competitive and often becomes a numbers game; contractors are extremely accustomed to providing quick estimates in the hope of winning a job. It’s your job as the client to be sure you’re getting accurate and comparable quotes. You do this by giving as many details as you can about your project, so your contractors understand what they have to work with for your job. Make sure each contractor providing a quote can explain the estimate fully for any residential window glass project. Leave nothing open for a later dispute-ask questions now to save time, money and trouble down the line.

Ask about turnaround time and warranty. A reliable and reputable residential glass replacement company should have no problem giving you an honest, reasonable explanation of their turnaround, and they should absolutely guarantee their work. Here, too be observant and compare carefully-not all guarantees are created equal!

Finally, check the references of your top two or three choices for your residential glass replacement project. In addition to the standard how’d they do questions, ask for the client’s input on anything that didn’t go according to plan, more for the way in which the contractor handled the resolution than the problem itself. Sometimes problems happen. It’s how they’re fixed that matters!

Following the guidelines above will help put you on the road to a satisfactory experience with your residential glass replacement project.

By Arsya

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