How to Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Home

There is a seemingly endless range of house styles. Subsequently, homeowners desire a wide choice of garage doors. Thankfully, regardless of the age and/or style of your home, you can find a door to suit your tastes. However, this means that choosing the right door is not always easy. This article will discuss some of the styles available and the homes that they compliment.

Contemporary Garage Doors

If you have a modern home, matching the right style of door to the style of your house is crucial. For example, if you own a house that has sleek clean lines and is made from high-tech materials, it is important to find a door which mirrors these features.

Currently, one of the most popular contemporary styles is one with tempered glass panels (which can be clear or opaque). The glass panels are surround by aluminum frames, which are painted in a variety of colors. This style not only looks great, but also introduces more natural light into your garage, making it a more attractive additional room.

Traditional Garage Doors

Of course, if you do not have a contemporary home, you will probably be looking at a more traditional style of door. Thankfully, most door manufacturers offer a wide range comprising garage door styles for U.S. house designs, including Victorian, Range, Cape, Craftsmen and Colonial. Alternatively, your house may belong to a European style, such as Mediterranean, Tudor, Spanish or French Country. It is possible to find suitable doors for all these traditional home designs.

Carriage Garage Doors

The carriage style door is a firm favorite among buyers. The main advantage of the carriage door is that it looks good on almost any home. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary design, the carriage door can compliment the house beautifully.

Typically, these doors have the ‘look’ of an old-fashioned carriage type. However, they can be made from a variety of materials and, more importantly, modern carriage styles have the option of an overhead opening rather than a swing type.

Raised-Panel Garage Doors

Another very popular choice is the raised-panel door. Like the carriage design, raised-panel types can compliment almost any style of home and have, therefore, become the standard door in many places. Because the raised-panel style is so popular, there are many different designs to be found in a wide range of materials and with a variety of features.

Basically, choosing the right door for your home is a simple matter of assessing your needs, following your own taste and recognizing a design that will compliment your house.

By Arsya