Managing the Mess in the Front Foyer

Managing the mess in the front foyer can be easily accomplished with some simple organizational tools and the altering of habits. Most people enter their homes and leave their books, bags, coats and keys in the foyer or entry. While this is not a bad place to leave them, without organizing where the items belong, the foyer soon becomes a mess.

Keys, Phones and ChangeHave a simple spot available on the foyer table to collect keys, cell phones and loose change. An elegant silver dish works just as well as any other type of bowl, but adds elegance to the space. Search for pretty bowls that are already owned but that are no longer in use, or scour garage sales and thrift stores for interesting bowls or trays. Choose a piece that is unique and reflects the decor of the home.

BasketsDeep, wide baskets placed on the floor beneath the foyer table are perfect for housing purses and bags upon entry into the home. Have one basket for each person to help keep things organized and easy to find. If not all the baskets will fit under the table, invest in baskets with lids to keep the visual clutter under control.

Closet KeepersMake sure that the front closet is cleaned out and ready for use. By organizing the closet and having room for coats, hats, gloves and scarves, the mess stays out of the front foyer. Hang lower hooks on the back of the closet door for children to hang their coats and invest in inexpensive hanging pocket organizers to keep hats and gloves organized. Shoes and boots can also be placed out of sight in the closet. Make keeping the closet clean a priority so that the mess does not spill out into the foyer.

If the closet is not close to the foyer, train family members to get in the habit of going straight to the closet instead of stopping in the foyer area. A small table can be placed near the closet door like the one in the foyer to collect keys, change and phones as needed. The key to using the closet is simply to create a new routine and habit of using it daily.

MailJunk mail is the nemesis of every homeowner trying to keep the foyer tidy. It is easy to bring the mail in and place it on the foyer table only to forget about it until the next day. A growing pile of junk mail will quickly lead to visual clutter and mess. Place a basket in the front foyer and immediately upon collecting the mail, sort it. Junk mail gets thrown into the basket for recycling without hesitation while bills and correspondence can be placed on the study desk to be paid and replied to later. This immediate sorting will cut down on the build up of clutter and help to create a mess free foyer.

Simple organization and some basic changes of habit will create a foyer that is both functional and clutter free. Use tools and strategies that will work well for the family. Remember that the simpler the task of managing the mess in the foyer, the more likely family members will be to keep the area free of clutter.

By Arsya