Garage Door Parts and Their Maintenance

Garage Door Parts and Their Maintenance Garage doors are constantly in-use household items. The mechanical…

Garage Door Parts and Their Maintenance

Garage doors are constantly in-use household items. The mechanical parts of doors always keep on moving and hence the mechanism need very frequent replacements and repairs of the moving parts. Here is a list of garage door parts, which need our attention now and then.

Drums, Wires and Pulleys:

While in operation, drums, wires and pulleys are the most moving parts. This continuous motion shows the wear and tear of these parts most often in comparison to other parts. While opening or closing the doors, drums roll chains or wires could be tempered and require frequent testing and repair to avoid any mishap. If there is any physical obstacle is on its way while moving, then this movement of parts may get stuck. Debris, hard metal pieces, pebbles or huge dust could be the reason stoppage.

Cables are at greater risk, as the maximum amount of stress is on cables while opening and closing of the doors. Pulleys are also under the same amount of stress and pressure as the whole load of garage doors is applied on these while in operation.


Extension and torsion springs are used in doors. These two types of springs vary in workloads and functionality, but these springs are always there in single and multiple panel doors. Since these are consistently used in every operation of door openings or closing, therefore, these require regular inspection and maintenance. Any breakage in springs may result in personal injury or damage.


Most of the doors have hinges. Hinges are attached to house and are used while closing and opening the doors. Although hinges bear a limited amount of loads therefore, may not be considered a part of regular maintenance, but it essential to periodically clean them from dust and debris.

It has also been observed that these specially manufactured parts are often attempted by novice for services or maintenance, which is not a recommended practice. These parts are constantly operational parts and always require expert hands for servicing and repairs. Improper handling of these parts can seriously damage these parts and may cause these parts unserviceable.

There are many experts and professionals available nearby your place of residence. Do it by yourself is not a very handy approach towards these mechanical parts. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that professional services should be hired for regular service and maintenance.