What Are the Main Factors to Consider When You Are Buying a New Door for Your Business Property?

By Arsya Oct31,2020

What Are the Main Factors to Consider When You Are Buying a New Door for Your Business Property?

When business owners are searching for a new door for their premises, it is likely that they will have a different set of priorities to a domestic customer.

One of the first considerations for a new door is the specific nature of the business: an office or factory that has no or very few public visitors is likely to have different requirements to a retail unit or shop that will not only need to accommodate a (hopefully) large amount of foot traffic, but also have space for trolleys or the removal of large goods.


The size of the door is therefore a key consideration, as is the way in which it is opened, as many retailers now choose automatic or rotating doors that do not require manual pushing. Using a door release button rather than having customers manually push the actual door is a popular option, in addition to being welcomed by disabled visitors.

The option to have the doors permanently opened is also useful, again depending on the business in question, and many businesses, such as car workshops, choose to have doors that can be propped open for the duration of their working day.

Security is also an obvious factor. As the property and stock contained in the business premises tend to have greater monetary value than those in domestic settings, a high level of security is vital when business owners select a door.

Motion Sensors

Many businesses elect to go one step further than high-tech locks and alarms when they are looking for a door, choosing motion sensors, tamper alarms and additional security that alerts them to potentially dangerous situations even if they are no longer on the premises.

In addition to the actual look, style and essential security features of the new door itself, many businesses may have additional requirements such as intercom systems, which are especially useful when staff members are not always freely available to open the door to visitors. An intercom allows the visitor to establish their identity and purpose for visiting before a member of staff allows their entry. These locking systems also make it possible for members of staff to have a code to open the door, which allows for quick access and the continued safety of staff working inside.

Other non-standard requirements that might be added to a door by certain businesses can include larger than standard letter boxes that allow for parcels or multiple packages to be posted. The business owner may also choose a customer counter that allows for the analysis of the number of entrants into the premises, which can help with the calculation of sales figures and statistics.

Rest assured that these are just a few of the features that can be ideal for your company’s new door!

By Arsya

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