Getting An Environmentally Friendly Garage Door

By Arsya Jan2,2021

Getting An Environmentally Friendly Garage Door

Environmentally friendly overhead doors are gradually replacing traditional materials because of their aesthetic appeal and trendy patterns. With stress being put on the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials, it is natural to opt for a similar material for your garage door. Eco-friendly overhead doors are made of recycled wooden fibers, rejected wood, and wood pulp.

Eco-friendly garage doors made from non-metallic substances include wood fiber, wood pulp and rejected wooden materials. With wax and resins added in definite proportions to wood pulp and fiber a product is manufactured which has the appearance of wood but without its drawbacks. After proper treatment and mixing this material is resistant to moisture and generally remains unaffected by climatic conditions. It does not warp, bend or split like ordinary wood.

Among metallic environmentally friendly overhead doors composite steel is the commonest material. Being made of steel these garage doors are intrinsically strong, durable and anti corrosive. Moisture causes no harm and it stays unaffected by snow or hail. Though priced higher than non-metallic garage doors it is always advisable to buy metallic doors since maintenance is less and hence the cost involved in the long run.

Insulated steel doors are of two kinds: one side insulation and double sided insulation. In places where climatic conditions are severe a double insulated overhead door is preferable to a single side insulated door. Another advantage of using an insulated door is its longevity. Eco-friendly garage door exteriors are made of recycled newsprint impregnated with resin which gives it a distinctive appearance. Within the two exterior layers lies a filling of Douglas and fir wooden scraps mixed evenly with wax and resin.

This insulation has a number of benefits. It increases the life of the eco-friendly door as it is largely non-reactive to external weather conditions. Thus wearing that might be caused because of climatic forces is minimized. Secondly being resistant to ultra violet rays these insulated doors do not fade easily and the appearance remains unaltered for many years.

Another distinct advantage of installing an environmentally friendly overhead door is the ease at which it could be installed and operated. It is always convenient to work with an eco-friendly garage door as compared to a traditional wooden or metallic one.

By Arsya

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