How to Choose the Best Logo Mats and Door Entry Mats for Your Business

By Arsya Jul4,2021

How to Choose the Best Logo Mats and Door Entry Mats for Your Business

A business atmosphere is much different from a home atmosphere. Business owners benefit greatly by displaying their logo as often as possible, without going overboard. Logo mats and door entry mats are an excellent way to brand your business while welcoming customers. They also serve to keep the floors clean and safe while working hard to build your brand.

Online shopping makes purchases easier for the customer but often hurts local sales. Logo mats stand out in customers’ minds when they’re looking to buy a specific product. Business owners should never pass up the opportunity to make this type of impression on a customer. Here are several things to keep in mind while choosing the best door entry mats for your business atmosphere.


Door entry mats serve a multitude of purposes. The material from which they’re made must be durable. They will be welcoming shoes and boots of all sizes and from all types of weather.

Nonslip rubber is a must. Customers often enter an establishment from wet conditions such as rain, snow, or ice. Wet shoes on tile floors cause a seriously dangerous situation. A rubber-backed door entry mat protects customers from slip and fall injuries.

Go a step further in welcoming customers in out of the weather; brand the business from the moment your customer enters the door. Customers often look down as they enter a store. Make sure they see your brand upon entering.


Rubber-backed rugs are often made from durable rubber and yarn fibers. These yarn fibers may be dyed to match any logo or company colors. Yarn piles are specifically shaped and reinforced to help steady a customer’s feet as well as clean the bottom of their shoes.

Debris tracked onto the floors gives an appearance of a dirty store. Keep it clean by installing rubber-backed door entry mats. Clean, safe floors are beneficial to employees and customers alike.


Always match your entryway to your store’s primary color scheme. Add your business name and tagline wherever possible so people read it as they enter. People generally subconsciously read and recognize logos and company names.

Choose a door entry mat that is created using durable yarn fibers which may be dyed to match any color scheme. Don’t settle for prefabricated rugs. Your average rubber entryway rug doesn’t catch the eye of customers as they enter. Sharing the name of the rug designer isn’t the purpose of door entry mats.


The addition of your business’s logo can’t be stressed enough. Make sure your customers see your brand as they enter the door. Failure to brand a business properly or effectively is one of the reasons many small businesses fail. Your customers must become familiar with your brand, or your business will not thrive.

By Arsya

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