How to Clean Your Garage Door

By Arsya Oct24,2020

How to Clean Your Garage Door

So you might have noticed that your garage door keeps getting dirty over time and you can’t prevent that from happening, obviously it is a very large door (I’d bet more than just a penny that it is the largest door in your home). Your door is outside and it is exposed to all kinds of where and tears and there is absolutely nothing you can do against it, you need to realise that you can’t prevent it from getting dirty and eventually getting damaged, so just be ready for that case instead of trying to prevent it. (Unless you know how to contact the weather man so he gives you perfect weather every day, of course.)

So how can you clean your garage door is what you are probably asking now? Well, it’s pretty easy to be honest, it just might take some of your time and might be annoying, but you need to do it believe me. If you don’t check it for flaws regularly and don’t clean it you might end up with a broken door, which results in higher expenses. Picture yourself paying a lot of money for reparation which you could have easily avoided, just by checking it once a week, and spending less than five minutes! Not a very motivational thought, now, is it?

So let’s go and clean your garage door, there are five very easy steps you should follow chromatically. Be sure to execute every step with caution and very detailed, stay focused at all times or you might be the one that does damage to your very own garage door.

1. First off all you’ll need to simply close it before you continue, this is very important for your own safety.

2. You need to get yourself a stiff brush. Use that to remove mildew, dirt and possibly bird droppings.

3. Gently sweep the entire door with caution using a softer broom.

4. This step might be a little annoying, but very important! Get yourself five gallons of warm water and mix them to one cup of mild detergent. Now use a large sponge to wash your garage door with it.

5. Now a very important step people love to just ignore, but it is very important. You’ll need to give your door some time, in order to allow it to dry completely and THEN open it, don’t just rush and open your garage door, you might have cleaned the whole door just for fun if you do!

By Arsya

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